I’m very fortunate to work with people committed to making a difference in this world by working on themselves first.  You can’t give what you haven’t received.  I recommend looking at a few of my “Coaching Articles” to get a feel for how I work.  If you’re ready to work with a coach, my first step is always a free 30 minute phone consultation to find out if we are a right fit for each other.

(1)  In the gift it is to work with Paul Mungo, and benefit from the power of his contribution in coaching, I am reminded of this quote.  “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.” 

Mahatma Gandhi

That is what I see evident in my own life out of the opportunity to work with and apply what Paul provides for me and others.  I am very grateful.

RJ Kennedy (Norfolk, Virginia)

(2)  Paul has a way of easily seeing what’s at the heart of a matter.  He helped me see myself and others from another perspective.  You can count on Paul to be kind yet very straight in his communication–which creates a good environment for forward momentum.

Cindy (Northern Virginia)

(3)  Paul has a way of helping you look outside yourself and see things you haven?t noticed before.  If you believe that you can change and you?re willing to put forth the effort, his coaching will help your life soar to a new level of happiness.

He helped me put my life in perspective, improve my way of thinking and heighten my self awareness. He has a unique way of helping you understand yourself, why you do certain things and how it affects other people.

Before his coaching I was stubborn and had one way of thinking.  I spent a lot of time and energy trying to help people who did not want to help themselves. Now I changed my way of thinking and realize that I can only truly change myself.  If you?re willing to put the time in and be coachable, you will start to think outside the box.  Your life will take positive steps and you?ll feel like a new person.

You can count on Paul for excellent listening skills, problem solving, straight talk and a little motivation when you need it.

Ron (New Jersey)

(4) I can count on Paul to distill a problem down to its’ essential components, so that I am then able to see clearly what the problem is; and possible actions that would make a difference. He is consistent, committed and sets a powerful example of being 100% responsible for one’s life and what’s not working in it.

Theresa Cyrus – Business Owner -CNSA, TEA, TLC Growth Coach (Norfolk,Virginia)

(5) Paul is a natural coach.  The kind of person who has a commitment to helping people see and release how their current assumptions and default actions have a direct impact on success, peace and happiness.  I enjoy every conversation…helps me be more and more clear in the direction of my commitments.  Even the most committed, successful person can use the resource of a person like Paul.

Mary- CEO (Virginia)

(6) Paul is truly gifted and can provide insight into your life on all levels. While most of us get caught up in the daily white noise, Paul helps you sift through that and recognize the divine guidance we receive every day and to use it effectively. He is someone to respect and admire as a coach, and one to cherish as a friend.

Shadi (Chesapeake, Virginia)

(7) Paul has a way of quickly getting to the heart of the matter and will not allow you get caught up in drama.   He deals with “what is so” and helps direct you to immediately and efficiently do the same.

This is nothing like traditional therapy, where I wasted years and lots of money…this type of coaching deals with the facts and provides tools and ways to be that have an immediate impact on your life!  Paul helped me realize everything is workable and manageable and nothing is so bad that it can’t be turned around or managed in a healthy way.

You can count on Paul to be fully committed to you and your life’s transformation.  He is passionate about his work and is in it for you to win.  I guarantee anyone who commits to coaching with Paul will absolutely see their life shift and transform,  almost immediately.  Wish I would have known about him years ago!

Olivia – Business Owner (Northern, Virginia)

(8) Paul has a way of quickly getting to the source of someone?s concerns because of his listening skills.  He helped me with my confidence and ability to listen to others so I can get into their world and be a more effective communicator.

Before Paul?s coaching I was too attached with just getting things right for me and focused solely on my own agenda.  Now I realize the importance of making a difference for others and how it impacts my life as well.  You can count on Paul for powerful listening, a deep level of spirituality and someone very capable in guiding you to deal with the stress in your life and bring peace from within.

Dominic – Attorney (Chesapeake, Virginia)