Below are a few thoughts about relationships worth considering:

– No one can be at peace while holding resentment in their heart.

– When you stop trying to make others feel guilty and start taking responsibility for your thoughts (judgments), freedom becomes available.

– Love is not something that is earned, people choose it or they don’t.

– With love at the forefront, forgiveness comes naturally and relationships are healed.

– What makes life worthwhile are never “things”, it’s the love you experience in your relationships.

– When you don’t love yourself you can’t truly love another.

– The statement, “Would you rather be happy or right” has no exceptions.

– Relationships can go from: challenging to creative, distant to intimate, boring to exciting and almost no communication to full self expression, if you are willing to work on yourself instead of the other.

– You would never have an argument if you didn’t want to be right about something.

– Changing one thing at a time works much better than trying to change everything at once.

Changing anything in life begins and ends with your willingness!